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THINK FEEL DOTM is a colorful, easy-to-use program to help children explore their emotions and learn how they impact their behavior. They are then able to gain control of their emotions and reactions to them. 

THINK FEEL DOTMhelps provide a feeling 'language’ in a way that children (and often adults!) find enjoyable while giving them valuable skills in cognitive, behavioral, and emotional management.  In use by special education counselors for over 12 years, it has proven to be an effective tool for teaching emotional control.

Why Is Having An Emotional Language Important?

Children often know they are feeling something inside, yet may have no means to express it other than having temper tantrums, shouting, hitting others out of anger, or withdrawing into their own shell.

Some children may resort to self-inflicted injuries to try to deal with what they are feeling. They may respond the same way to internal feelings of anger, fear, sadness or many other emotions. Lashing out to rid themselves of the unwanted feelings, dissociating, or self-harm may be the only way they know how to express their emotions.

Knowing how to identify the emotions they are feeling opens many doors for children to deal with their feelings in a different and healthier manner. A child who is able to articulate “I am feeling frustrated because I cannot understand my math problem” is much more likely to get positive results than one who slams his book shut and tosses his homework aside, and shouts “This is just STUPID!” leaving parents and teachers exasperated and frustrated themselves.

Children (and sometimes adults) often don’t have the words to express what is happening inside of them.  Using this program helps children to stop and examine what they are feeling, find “naming” words for their emotions, and understand that emotions are made up of thoughts, bodily feelings, and actions.

Once these concepts are understood, children are encouraged to use this new knowledge to help them express emotions appropriately, and feel in control of their emotions rather than allowing emotions to take control of them.  This tool can be used by parents, educators, counselors, or anyone who works with children.

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