deni draws and paints

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deni weber (yes, my name is spelled using no capital letters - I pleads artistic license) have been drawing and painting in one form or another for most all of my life.  Self taught, I love pastel, watercolor, Chinese Brush painting and acrylic and am learning quickly in multi-media art and journaling!

Accepted into the Art Institute of Chicao in 1992, I politely told them “No, thank you” when the comment was made that I was “culturally stifled” and that the Institute could fix that. 

Instead, I chose a path towards Art Therapy, eventually getting my doctorate in clinical psychology.  

My work as a clinical psychologist came to an abrupt end due to a car accident, which triggered several chronic illnesses.  Now devoting my life to artwork, my                                                                                                                  paintings can be found in collections world wide. my primary media is pastel and my first love is making miniature paintings that measure 2.4” by 3.5” although I do work in other formats.  I have participated in local shows and do commission work as well.

© deni weber 2013