Guess This Needs a Title


One more day added to my daily writing to God.  I’m finding it interesting to do this.  I find that is the place where the pieces start to fit.  I guess what I am realizing is that I do not stay connected to God throughout the day - I seem to have “God boxes”  scattered through my day, and then there is the rest of the day.  I’m not liking that.

So, I started thinking that if I take the God box opportunities that I have each day and learn how to connect the dots, I will be more on the path that I want to be on.  I’m still not sure I’ve much new encouragement to share with others, so Encouraging Words will stay in reruns for a while.  I know it seems to help me to go back and read these older devotionals  I wonder just how many I’ve written over the past 7 years.

As for my God boxes - I’ve made a list of things that I feel fit into that category.  I’m thinking that sharing here is one of them.

I also realized that my ego is still firmly engaged in all that I’m doing.  I look to see how many folks read the Encouraging Words blog.  I feel a letdown when I see folks unsubscribe.  I realized, too, that this is part of a continuing lesson for me.  I’m not writing for me.  Or I shouldn’t be.  God is the one who is in control of that blog.  It’s His.  Not mine.  

I know this blog has a very small readership, and that’s ok.  This is just a place to let the words flow.  Why do I need to make them public?  I’m not sure.  Is it an ego thing again?  Is it me trying for transparency and showing what is working or not working for me?  I’ve yet to figure that out.

I look at my other God boxes.  I can easily lose my ego to my artwork.  Yesterday, I started a new poster that amazes me.  I look at it and wonder where it came from.  I tend to get feelings of pride that I did that.

It may be nowhere near as good as what else is out there, but it’s barter than anything I have ever done in that time of work. (I’m going to refrain from posting it here just for that reason.)  I’m trying to focus on the joy it brings me to express God’s word in artwork.  I have it taped by my bed, even though hit’s not finished yet.  

It seems I need to have words under my nose to keep me on track.  So, I’m going to fill up my wall with my own “Encouraging Words.”  :)

More next time.


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