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Everyone else does YouTube, Why Don’t You?  should be my theme song.  My ADD mind runs from obsession to obsession, and this is the latest.  I’ve had my Kiowa love flute from Erik the Flutemaker for a few years now.  My penchant for it has waxed and waned.  Once I found the FREE audio mixer program Audacity, however, my flute interest once again came to the forefront.  Learning how to mix tracks and come up with my very own MP3 has been is a fascinating journey.  Do I do it well?  Nope.  Have I learned it all? Nope.  Am I having fun?  You betcha.  I’ll be posting links to new videos as they are created.

A side passion that is developing is that of making rainsticks.  While a rainstick is something I’ve always liked, I’ve never really felt the need for one until I started “hearing” one in my mind in the flute music.  Being creative, I decided to look to YouTube to find out more.  Find out more I did, indeed!  I found out how to make them.  That in itself is another obsession in the making.  Not sure if I’m making  noise or making music, but I’m sure having fun!

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